• 26.7.2016

Don’t rely on automation in order to progress as a tester

If you’ve ever found yourself reading about automation in testing, you may have read arguments for automating. When a task repeats itself is one of the most common one, or when it may be perhaps a pointless task (of a low priority), or when it’s boring to do, or just too complex to get into. […]

  • 6.6.2016

What makes a tester a great tester?

If you ask people in testing about skills and traits that make a tester a great one, you oftentimes get answers such as being a good communicator, being passionate, being creative, also known as thinking outside of some box, and being attentive to details and many others. But what does it mean when you possess […]

by Fireart Studio
  • 24.4.2016

What is software testing in my view?

To put it very simply and perhaps too broadly, as a software tester you are searching a space, whether it’s a particular product and everything beyond it, or it’s something different, and you are trying to gather information about the space. Important information for important people of the product. In software testing you do this by […]

My experience with Session-Based Test Management

The very first day with new (current) employer I had a team meeting with my new test team. Team consisting of a team leader with no previous experience in testing and a fellow tester with also almost no previous experience in testing. I was brought to that team to help out with creating a test […]

  • 19.3.2016

Manual Testing? Automated Testing? It’s called Software Testing.

When I participated on projects within a domestic financial institution, I was asked to be part of a team of one performing testing of multiple integrated systems throughout the institution for a project focused on authorization and clearing of immediate payments. In short immediate payments are transactions (payments) from one payment card to another payment […]

  • 23.1.2016

TestLions at the STWC 2016 Europe

I was lucky enough to participate in another Software Testing World Cup, which is being held this year (2016), but with the Europe Preliminary over (it was held at the end of 2015) and with results already in. This time I did not enter with my colleagues from work, but decided to go with fellow […]

  • 20.9.2014

How We Really Need to Stop ISO 29119

After some real consideration, I have decided to sign the Stop 29119 petition, and along the way also signed the Professional Tester’s Manifesto.

  • 21.8.2014
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STWC 2014 Europe Preliminary Impressions

Before I go into any details about the competition, let me thank the entire team and all the judges and product owners behind the Software Testing World Cup event. If testing needed a push into the general public perception, then this event was the right way to go about it.

  • 30.6.2014

Meet the uTesters: /Me

Here is a short interview that I did for the uTest blog. As it may include some insights about me, I decided to post it in here. It will be a couple of years since I did that interview, but from reading it again, it still holds true in many aspects. uTest: What drew you into testing […]