So far in my short (~5 years) yet very rich testing career I have had the pleasure to work on close to 300+ unique IoT, desktop, TV, console, web and mobile applications. Applications ranging from small both local and foreign businesses to leading technology companies.

In my day to day job I’ve participated on several testing projects within the banking industry, mainly in the payment card area and alongside have done system integration testing with multiple integrated systems throughout financial institutions. Also have done testing of multi-screen video services on multiple platforms. At the moment testing mobile and web applications within a development studio.

In my free time I have been part of two online crowdsourcing testing communities, where I’ve participated in over 500+ test cycles overall, doing mainly functional, localization and usability types of testing. Over the weekends in addition to being a tester also led small teams (10 to 15) of testers for two different projects (web and mobile).

I’ve also participated twice in the Software Testing World Cup (Europe rounds). First in 2014 when I participated with my fellow colleagues from Cleverlance and where we ended up 34th out of 133 participating teams. The second time was in 2015-16, when with fellow testers from testlio participated and ended up 2nd out of 75 participating teams from all over Europe.

More of my work you can find in the Works section.